Exhibition at Floating World Comics

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Next Thursday night, 6-10pm

Free Comics Day publication

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Update on art and music: 9 New Things from this month

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1. Next week I will be in an exhibition as part of the Auckland Fringe Festival (Aotearoa) called Queer Resistance

2.The following week is LAZF where i’ll be tabling with FIX MY HEAD, THE SWAN THE VULTURE, and DISTORTION. Fix My Head #7 will be done by then! :-)


3. I drew this comic for the next issue of Maximum Rock N Roll, where FMH will be reviewed, and I will be interviewed about my various stuffs.

4. I will have a 4-page comic in an upcoming Portland compilation thingy for Free Comic Book Day. Yayy

5. Me and a friend are starting a monthly drawing night in Portland, and we will publish the results every month into a mini-book. Similar to Dune in Seattle. Venue tba. This is my contribution to Dune a couple of months ago.



6. This is a huge month for my label, An Out Recordings, with a bunch of killer releases coming out, and will be featured in some of our favorite media outlets :-)

7. This is my new doom band, Hreinn.
We have a few shows booked for 2015 and hoping to lift it off the ground this year in general.

8. Me and a few people are in a radical social worker group called Portland Mutual Aid (PMA) which runs a monthly support group for social workers, teachers and health support staff. Also in the works is creating an accessible way to locate local free or reduced rate mental health assistance or therapy. We are trying to connect with other groups and databases to make sure we aren’t starting afresh on travelled ground.

9. And lastly, I’ve been coordinating and teaching at a public school in SE Portland, here follows a drawing by Josie from our Middle School art class:


which features on the back cover of the new Fix My Head, Issue #7 https://annavo.wordpress.com/zines/2015-fix-my-head-no-7-movement-and-migration/

The Sun Never Sets, and more workshops

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Last week I facilitated a workshop for feminists of color in Seattle. It was part of a Women Of Color event that I organized with 3 other people, that centered around art and performance. I wanted this to happen because I constantly am appalled and pissed off by how creative outlets, art press and media still invisibilizes and excludes people of color. Manual labor, work and non-conceptual/non-intellectual stuff still seems like the expected territory of POC and the working class, and expression, art and most stages/platforms STILL feel like the exclusive playgrounds of white people, unless the race factor is a novelty, essentialist point, or fetishization. This is also reflected in music and dance performance, even though all artforms belong to everybody, and historically, popular music and dance we recognize today in mainstream media was brought to fame through oppressed POC, creating these in times of struggle and poverty.

Anyway, this stage and exhibition was for women of color only, and so was the workshop. 700 people came to the event, here follows some photos.










I’m also facilitating this support work for social workers next week, and more things are in the works :-)


New comic out

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Distortion2 is out now
Pictures here
And get it at http://fixmyhead.storenvy.com

THIS SATURDAY I’ll be tabling in Vancouver (Canada) at Canzine with my new comic, Distortion2, possibly my newnew comic, Distortion3, all Fix My Head issues, the two latest Swan The Vulture issues, including writings on GENTRIFICATION (applicable to East Van/East Hastings/etc), stuff from An Out Recordings and distroing a boutique selection from Mend My Dress press.
Queerdos, POC and punx PLEASE COME HANG OUT, and MAKE THIS SPACE RADICAL. Anyone who can't afford the entry fee, message me.


ALSO, THIS COMING MONTH my zines etc will be available/tabling at:

– Zine Fest Berlin (Germany) via Heavy Mental :-)

Saturday and Sunday 12-8pm


– Philly Zine Fest (USA), via Joyce Hatton and No Shame Distro, Sunday 12-7pm

– Short Run, Seattle (USA), 15th November via Mend My Dress Distro and Zombie Basil

– NOCAZ, New Orleans (USA) 15th November via Brown Recluse Distro and Joyce Hatton

– Kilburn Zine & Comic Fair (London, UK) 27th November via Lili and Rudy

– Hanged Man Record Fair (Seattle, USA) 6th December, Black Lodge

– Sun Never Sets, Tmrw Prty, 3rd January (Seattle, USA)


Shows coming up

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Playing solo at FierceFest this weekend, then Oct 22nd at the Highline in Seattle, with Ire Adrift & Isenordal.
More solo noise and folk shows shaping up, including a festival January 31st at The Josephine in Seattle :-)


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order at http://annavo.bandcamp.com


Cover art by Echos Oratos:


With love to Kate Vinen and Huck Spin For Adam D. Mills and my Bà Nội

This record is about intention, purpose, family and legacy.

Recording – Felix-Florian Tödtloff, Berlin, Germany

Recording and Mixing – Mike Moschetto, Massachusetts, USA

Front cover art – Echos Oratos

Back cover art – Rafał Karcz

“A Plinth Beyond Years” accompaniment – David Coen

Ukelele – Philip Hölldobler

“Lilith” voice – TJ Copello

12-string, percussion, lapsteel, words/voice, field recordings, samples, arrangement – Anna Vo


A Plinth Beyond Years

Crowning of Your Comfort

The Fearlessness Will Flicker Out

From The Feet You Were Thrown


Missing Parts


Continues To Fail



Chết Rồi


back cover-01


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