. . . D R A W I N G S (littlestink.wordpress.com)

THE BELOW DRAWINGS ARE HELLA HELLA OLD. Page that gets periodically updated is:




my bird bw

my boat between UK and europe

logo crazy copy

The following eight drawings are from a zine about consent

T-shirt I drew, buy here from Huck

3.2 metre long drawing, called NASENBLUTEN:

In progress…

drawn, with Stewart Cole, during 20 hours for exhibition

blacker it becomes

blacker it becomes, drawn november 2008

New Weird Australia compilation

for Difficult Music Festival:

For Tutu Queer Space

For Resurgence reader cover – resurgence2009.wordpress.com/

IMG_2464.JPGcos I’m living in a wagon in Berlin without a scanner or a program to stitch these together…

12 inch cover for Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour. sold out.

done by hand like all the rest, and no digital version exists.

3 thoughts on “. . . D R A W I N G S (littlestink.wordpress.com)”

  1. good to see u last night. anna these drawings really are beautiful… despite it’s lack a “time based” dimesnion haha

    i was about to look at the menstruation ones but thought better of it. i dont wanna faint when i see you next.

    love x


  2. Hey anna, I’m finding it amazing to see/hear/experience your creativity / yourself. Thankyou for sharing. I thought you did so much and were so much before, but there is so much more (breadth and depth) I didn’t notice/realise.

    How’re you doing?


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