Feb 19: Anna Vo – Girls’ Rock Camp Benefit at High Water Mark
Mar 5: LA Zinefest
Mar 19: Anna Vo – Mother Foucault’s
Mar 26: Comix Thing
Apr 8: Acracy – Fed Up Fest Benefit at Blackwater
Apr 10: Explain – High Water Mark
Apr 14: Rash Deeds – Anarres
April 16: Anna Vo – PSU
April 23: reading – ILWU

April 28: reading – Lewis and Clark College
April 29: lecture – Portland Community College, Cascade Campus
May 6: lecture – Western Oregon University, Salem, OR

May 18: lecture – YWCA, Portland, OR

May 19: Acracy – Blackwater, Portland, OR

May 25: Anna Vo, PPOP fundraiser, Anarres Bookshop, Portland, OR
May 27: Acracy at Anarres Bookshop, Portland, OR
May 31: Acracy at Blackwater, Portland, OR
June 4: Olympia Comics Fest
June 5: Acracy at Blackwater, Portland, OR
June 15-17: Anna Vo, Thirst For Light Summer Solstice Festival, Walville, WA
June 23-25: Denver Zine Fest
July 2: Acracy – Blackwater
July 5: Anna Vo solo, with Erica Freas and more – Anarres Bookshop
July 9-10: Panel and Workshop at Portland Zine Symposium
July 13: Acracy, with Manhunt and more at Analog Cafe
July 15: Acracy, at Alleyway Bar
July 21: Anna Vo solo at Beacon Sound
July 25: Acracy at Anarres
July 28: Acracy at White Owl
July TBA: Rash Deeds
Aug 11: Anna Vo (comedy), with My Parade (sea), Cockeye, The Ragshakers at Blackwater

Aug 13: Wet Brain (MD), Smoke Rings, Mictlan at Blackwater

Aug 21: Anna Vo (noise solo) with Pantone and EMS at Xhurch
Aug 25: Anna Vo solo with Aradia at Black Water
Aug 27: Acracy with 86 Gemini, at Black Water
Aug 28: Acracy at Wilshire Park 3pm- 8pm
Sept 7: Anna Vo at Waypost with 555, EMS, Dolphin Midwives
Sept 14-18: IntersectFest! at Ford Food And Drink and P:Ear
Sept 23: Anna Vo (stand-up comedy) with David Liebe Hart at High Water Mark
Sept 28: Acracy with Fucking Invincible and more! At Post 134.
Sept 30: Anna Vo (solo) with Erica Freas and Hot Tears at In Other Words
Oct 1/2: Tabling at Olympia Zine Fest, and on a panel about Zinefests…
Oct 2: Acracy with Negative Standards
Oct 15: Anna Vo at Xchurch, also performing as Infinite Anus The Oracular Orifice
Oct 25: Anna Vo reading/talk at PSU
Nov 2: Anna Vo at YOUTHHOOD: a social engagement + evening of music/spoken word/movement by artists of color + dance party, at Holocene

Nov 4: Reading at In/Visible, Litcrawl, at Literary Arts
Nov 5: Tabling at Short Run, with new comic book, ‘Maroubra’

Nov 10: Anna Vo at Human Flesh Body World

Nov 11: Anna Vo at Highwater Mark

Nov 17: DEVELOPING INCLUSIVE PRACTICE Workshop at University of Western Oregon

RESTORATIVE AND TRANSFORMATIVE JUSTICE Workshop at University of Western Oregon

Nov 18: TRAUMA-INFORMED CARE Workshop at University of Western Oregon

Nov 27: Á Reading, Valentines, Portland, OR.

Dec 19-21: Anna Vo (solo) at Cascadian Yule Festival, near Olympia

Jan 20: TRAUMA-INFORMED CARE 101 Workshop at Taborspace, Portland

Jan 25: TRAUMA-INFORMED CARE 102 Workshop at Taborspace, Portland

Plus more shows and workshops to be announced!

ANNA VO upcoming tour with friends 🙂






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