(2015) FIX MY HEAD Issue 7 – Geography, Identity and Diaspora

FIX MY HEAD a far-far-left diy not-for-profit punk zine that is published and currently distributed in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe, Russia, the UK, North and Central America. It might be distributed in other places I don’t know about. It is a People-Of-Color focused publication that interviews artists, academics and activists about different struggles. The content has always been predominantly women and queer folk.
FMH7 cover text

Will be debuting at LAZF in Feb.

Featuring interviews with Ferna from REACCIONA and EL DISPENSARIO, Monterrey, writings from JONAS CANNON from CHEER THE EFF UP, JESS from MOONROOT collective, ANYA LIAO, ANDY PANDA, TARING PADI, FABI ROMERO, piece on Punk in Beijing, interview with Abdin Kusno re: gentrification in Jakarta, QPOC and black metal, displacement, and more…

Cover art by Fernando Adrian Peña, Rest In Power.

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