Fix My Head #10

Latest and final issue is out, featuring Kiki Nicole, Julian Smuggles, Haley Elizabeth, Sashiko Yuen, Joyce S Lee, The Breathing Light, Mallrat, Sea Mason, Cuatl and Brat Collective.

It was an incredible five years of tours and interviews and very surreal rockstar treatment that I didn’t deserve. The folks who have contributed, who I have invited, and who I have connected with through this medium are brilliant and beautiful. I hope to continue building community through different means, like education. I will still be making my anti-nationalist comics about trauma, gender, race, etc: called The Swan The Vulture, and the more wordless/abstract Distortion. Many hugs X
#poc #zines #fixmyhead #pdx


1 thought on “Fix My Head #10”

  1. Hey. This is Marshall, formerly of Black Spirituals. I want to be sure to stay in touch. Back when you interviewed you mentioned Emergence Strategies or Theory and I hadn’t heard of it before. I guess it was right under my nose. I’ve finally with folkers doing that work and parallels are right on. I want thank you for the support and inspiration. peace!

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