To know what I know, to see what i see

To understand how things could be.

To want to shake it out of people

Their truth

To coax from the patterns that fall in between the pretty little flowers, their salvation.

Terrifying to have finally arrived at the peak of the mountain, awaiting others’ arrival.

To stock every piece of belly and love in their successes, to be shaken with despair when they are disappointed.

I can see the path, identify the pass, on the ridge, from the edge.

To be the one that remains, after all those fallen before me, a lottery absurd. I would like to collect the cut peonies into a bundle, safe and dry. On a shelf, no vase, no urn. No box, no burial, high up where no thing or time can touch you.
It’s ok,

I knew what things were even if you didn’t.

1 thought on “2016”

  1. Are you excited for the two weeks off? I am, but I keep seeing the face of one of students as he asked me not to get off the bus before it left.

    I am now employed full-time with the structured learning center working with 4 students. I really find it to be challengingly rewarding in a totally different way than the after school program.


    If I may ask, do you consider yourself to be of light? Do you feel like you are honing your frequency.

    I ask because to me, you radiate light.

    There’s more to ask and talk about, but I’ll wait.

    Take care,


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