(2009) networking

A projected web, shot out in every direction. There are no privacies any longer. Each inner working is turned outward, smattered onto every upturned face, outward palm. These are the connections we build. An endless, mindless array of discontinuous, unrelenting diarrhetic smearing. On every wall, website, person’s persona. A vandalism under the pretense of friendly fire; an amicable, digestible invasion. We are giant serrated bulldozers, auto-programmed to wrench deep into the earth and tear out a matchless haul. To tirelessly scoop out hefty portions of the world, efforts, kindness of other people, and cram it into our overflowing supermarket-checked-baskets, in order to dribble out a production line of spittle, in the name of our own experience.

I will take your patience, your love, your sex, your friendship, your creativity, your purity, your honesty and your time; and grind it into an unrecognisable gnarled grey bitterness. You will do the same for me. It’s a mutual service.

socialising is simple

We move and think in packs and those that don’t tune automatically into behavioural codes, and social ettiquette, are quietly shunned and subtly excluded. Members of each tribe team up with others, trusting in the unspoken bond of (sub-) cultural common ground. Single file.


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