(2013) For zine about Men’s Groups re: Feminism

for zine coming out of Brighton. Downloadable from http://exmasculus.wordpress.com

To copy, right click image. Please reproduce any part, anytime, anywhere.

Mens Groups-01 Mens Groups-02 Mens Groups-03 Mens Groups-04


5 Responses to “(2013) For zine about Men’s Groups re: Feminism”

  1. […] a zine about Men’s Groups re: Feminism (click) from Brighton […]

  2. heylo πŸ™‚
    page link #4 directs to page #3 again, yet i’d really like to read it, please.
    thanks, hugs

  3. – You’re so fucking amazing, ofc you’re taking part of the pro fem mens group in brighton !
    Love you,

  4. hi, i was wondering if you had any info about if this Brighton group zine ever came out and/or how one might get it? i’m part of a men’s group in pittsburgh and we’re actually going to dig into yr ex-masculus zine in the next few weeks. thanks! this is all very inspiring.

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