(2012) The Swan The Vulture No. 3: The Universal vs Specific

Follow up to Issue 1. The Swan The Vulture, and

Issue 2. The Ascent The Descent.

Lots of sweet drawings. Email me for a copy.


4 Responses to “(2012) The Swan The Vulture No. 3: The Universal vs Specific”

  1. Hi Anna,
    I’d really like to be able to read this zine, if you don’t mind sharing the password with me. I would also be interested in purchasing paper copies of the three issues, if you sell them?
    Thanks and have a good day, Laurence

  2. hi, i’ve read your two previous zines (recommended by a mutual friend) and would like to read this if it’s ok. i’m involved in putting on a meeting at the london anarchist bookfair on safer spaces and community accountability and think this would be helpful to my understanding although i would obviously not refer to any personal details. please feel free to ask me any questions before deciding. best wishes, andy

  3. hey anna, i’m interested in reading this, email provided. thanks, matt

  4. Hi! I would like a copy!

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