2 thoughts on “Issue 2 (complete), part 2”

  1. i have to say, i find the hardcore scene nowadays v ery boring and exhausted.
    i read above that someone said the scene is dominated by white, middle class men and that the scene needs more variety (not an exact quote)
    has anyone thought that maybe anyone can do it if they want,and they do, and that maybe there just arent that many people of other demographic groups that want to do it.

    its not necessarily an attck on people who arent white, or who are gay etc-
    just because people who arent white, or who are gay, or women dont do hardcore music very often.

    for example i am whit and male… but i’m most definitely not middle class and i dont want to do hardcore at all… so what

    1. you shouldnt feel obligated to do or not do anything based on yr appearance. if anyone makes you feel that way, they are wrong. i just like when i can read shit about other people who may be looked at in the ‘magical negro’ way when they go to a show

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