(2009) Anon – live recordings and collaborations

Please click to download:

Spite Moves Downward, recorded for New Weird Australia drone compilation

The Sadness Found Me, for split cassette with Automating, 020310

Recorded for From A Dark Place exhibition, with Jamie Strachan on 080210

100110 at Difficult Music Festival, with Nadene Pita and Monica Brooks

ANON – They dream of a home that never existed 100110

ANON – The cranks are getting close 100110

One hour soft drone collaboration with Swampy, December 2009

220909 track recorded for collaboration with Heil Spirits (Lismore)

011009 track for New Weird Australia compilation:


210809 at Music Is Love show

071109 at Unpopular Music show

Anon collab with Caughtship&Whyte Lyte 151109:

First – awesomeness!!!



Anon collab with Caughtship&Whyte Lyte live 191109

anon – twiddle dee dee experiment 161109

vainamoinen (anon & +either/or+) 161109

Anon & +either/or+ & dase beard 161109

Anon & +either/or+ & dase beard live at Horse Bazaar 211109

– my favourite set of the tour!!! 🙂

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