(2014) Lunar New Year: Year Of The Horse

Li Xi pouches with gifts (badges, condoms, batteries, etc) and individually written horse-related fortunes.

photo 5

photo 2photo 4

photo 3

1. rocking-horses and boats are not for causing tumult and drama, they are vessels for fun and peace.

2. upgrade your settings.
your engine could do with more horsepower.

3. do you feel like you are on a merry-go-round at the moment? reassess your direction.

4. it might be the occasion for a lil’ journey. go get yer pegasus.

5. foals are not fools, be careful of mistaking youth for ignorance.

6. revisit your childhood, entertain some nostalgia, attend a carnival, break out of your current environment.

7. three clops forward, two clops back.
you are making progress.

8. quit horsing around.
let’s get serious.

9. the time is nigh for a pony party.
giddy up!

10. you are more of a stallion than you realise.

11. no need to compete. drop out of the race, and relax.

12. there will be many galloping to win your favour soon.

13. you are hot to trot.

14. in the stampede, be mindful of those underhoof.

15. you’ll soon get a jock strap teaser.

16. hold your horses. it will be worth the wait.

17. i see… in your near future… reins and a luscious mane

18. break out of your bubble and say ‘Hey’ to your Neeeeiiiiggggh-bours

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