(2006-10) Crux (live video)

(doped up on painkillers during early spinal injury days, dancing from waist up, haha)



We’ve given you this gift of life
And taken it away, bit by bit
Watched the world destroy you
An asymptote of aspiration,
Approaching, yet never will meet it
I know, we know better
Than to breed
And pass onto you, this dysfunctional gene
The one that lets you see beyond all things
Thus stunts us into futility


Studies show 1 in 4
But late at night, with white wine
In retrospect, it’s 3 in 3
Pushed upon, a husk scraped,
Anulled libido, it’s 8 of 8
Abrasion reaches fringe-dwellers
Numb to purpose, it’s 12 in 12
Self sabotage, means to an end
Quick to cut down, that’s all of my friends
It’s hard to feel with all those callouses
Thick skin but prone to rupture
It’s hard to be happy, when you’ve seen tragedy
Martyrs would pounce, if they knew
With gouged out eyes, fist as a heart
Peering through tears, tear the self apart
Messy patriarchs, with “poor judgement”
Please stop fucking with everyone I know
Studies show 1 in 4
Statistics don’t mean shit


Everything is so expansive
The horizon at great expense
Planar overwhelming
No facets to hide

A family of ten
With fists louder than anything
All they wanted was collision
To collide, to collide
An offspring of eruption
A public-private corruption
His hands around my neck
Around my neck

A bus, my race, a fuss

I’m dirty, a mistake
I’m not supposed to be here
I’m sorry for future families of victims of this clan
I’m sorry for not finding the right words
The right words

To quell, to compel, to break
This boy with the eyes of a killer

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