(2004) Altered Beast EP


monstrous sublime



(click below to download m4a)

whatever i have, i have to lose

hydra percipi

cold cut euphony

sleep is one less

la petit mort on bells line of rd

a crown for the young

anna – vocals

kipp – bass

deano – drums

tristan – guitar



Whatever I have, I have to lose

I, I can’t remember
Conscious chalk outline
Pastel streets granite
Concrete moratorium
When broken down, when reasoned out
Past may be sad, spiteful at best
Sepia marionette
State of heart regret
God’s your equal

Hydra Percipi

old notes slipped into rusty creaking ribcage
raspy breathing, lightweight leaking
cutthroat smile, mocking eyes
catchcry of “does it hurt when i do this?”
cold comfort in syringe lips

La Petit Mort on Bells Line of Rd

replaced by two opposing fine-toothed combs
vagina dentata, with one look
can you take it?
she’ll take all of you
stare into the abyss
with every first kiss
every promise
a little violence leads to
a small death

A Crown For The Young

staple sunshine to my face
gaping absence of palate
omniescence right of way
renascent cornered stave
grinning through a heavy nosebleed
emaciated lips
exigency of two way glass
cornered, shifting, distant, apart
coercion never went so far
when all i want is to be closer
your modus operandi
to hold is not to have
i hate this hope i feel
when i know, she who sleeps
will only die one day
here i begin to move

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