Update on art and music: 9 New Things from this month

1. Next week I will be in an exhibition as part of the Auckland Fringe Festival (Aotearoa) called Queer Resistance

2.The following week is LAZF where i’ll be tabling with FIX MY HEAD, THE SWAN THE VULTURE, and DISTORTION. Fix My Head #7 will be done by then! 🙂


3. I drew this comic for the next issue of Maximum Rock N Roll, where FMH will be reviewed, and I will be interviewed about my various stuffs.

4. I will have a 4-page comic in an upcoming Portland compilation thingy for Free Comic Book Day. Yayy

5. Me and a friend are starting a monthly drawing night in Portland, and we will publish the results every month into a mini-book. Similar to Dune in Seattle. Venue tba. This is my contribution to Dune a couple of months ago.



6. This is a huge month for my label, An Out Recordings, with a bunch of killer releases coming out, and will be featured in some of our favorite media outlets 🙂

7. This is my new doom band, Hreinn.
We have a few shows booked for 2015 and hoping to lift it off the ground this year in general.

8. Me and a few people are in a radical social worker group called Portland Mutual Aid (PMA) which runs a monthly support group for social workers, teachers and health support staff. Also in the works is creating an accessible way to locate local free or reduced rate mental health assistance or therapy. We are trying to connect with other groups and databases to make sure we aren’t starting afresh on travelled ground.

9. And lastly, I’ve been coordinating and teaching at a public school in SE Portland, here follows a drawing by Josie from our Middle School art class:


which features on the back cover of the new Fix My Head, Issue #7 https://annavo.wordpress.com/zines/2015-fix-my-head-no-7-movement-and-migration/

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