The Sun Never Sets, and more workshops

Last week I facilitated a workshop for feminists of color in Seattle. It was part of a Women Of Color event that I organized with 3 other people, that centered around art and performance. I wanted this to happen because I constantly am appalled and pissed off by how creative outlets, art press and media still invisibilizes and excludes people of color. Manual labor, work and non-conceptual/non-intellectual stuff still seems like the expected territory of POC and the working class, and expression, art and most stages/platforms STILL feel like the exclusive playgrounds of white people, unless the race factor is a novelty, essentialist point, or fetishization. This is also reflected in music and dance performance, even though all artforms belong to everybody, and historically, popular music and dance we recognize today in mainstream media was brought to fame through oppressed POC, creating these in times of struggle and poverty.

Anyway, this stage and exhibition was for women of color only, and so was the workshop. 700 people came to the event, here follows some photos.










I’m also facilitating this support work for social workers next week, and more things are in the works 🙂


1 thought on “The Sun Never Sets, and more workshops”

  1. Hey Anna, this is amazing! I’m so inspired by the work that you do and the articles you write. 700 attendees!!! Amazingness.

    I would love to do similar down here in Melbourne but I just want a general POC workshop and am struggling. Thanks for keeping us all informed and inspired! Giang

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