Releases on An Out Recordings

 amended cover

AN OUT RECORDINGS, along with being an ethical, anarchist label, has always made an effort to release more projects from women, people of colour and queer people, which has meant releasing projects that are sometimes less well-known, or less established than others on the label roster. AN OUT tries to curate a rotating mix between doom, black metal, harsh noise and drone, and asks fans to check out stuff from the label that they might not have heard before, to support upcoming artists. Feel free to ask any questions about any of the roster. Always open to submissions from thoughtful, brutal, political projects.


AOR018 FATPL ASTIK cass (queer witchscape from NOLA)

AOR016 ANNA VO : THE CONDITION cass (qpoc sadsack folk drone from Seattle)

REPRESS of AOR013 SUN WORSHIP/UNRU split LP (black metal aus Deutschland)

AOR015 HEXIS : XI cass – US Tour Limited Edition (black metal from København)

AOR009 ENCIRCLING SEA – ÉCRU CD (black metal from Melbourne)

AOR007 SPACEBONG : THE DEATH OF UTOPIA CD (doom from Adelaide)



AOR017 ANNA VO : SHE CONTINUES TO FAIL cass (harsh folk from Seattle)

AOR020 SVARTVIT LP (harsh noise from Netherlands)

AOR021 AIRES / RUI P. ANDRADE collab cassette (drone from Portugal)

AOR022 RAGANA LP (doom from Oakland)

… and a transcontinental doom compilation LP (if I’m still alive then)



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