Talking/reading in Chicago, March 2014

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13 March 2014 at 3:30 – 6pm at Hull House

Zine Readings and Workshop


Anna Vo (Fix My Head and The Swan The Vulture)

Sarah Rene (Native Punx Unite)

Osa Atoe (Shotgun Seamstress)

Nyky Gomez (Skinned Heart)

MC’ed by Mimi Nguyen (Race Riot)

We are all women zinesters of colour. We all collect stories based around PoC/identity. We are all focussed on the personal, economic, social and political struggles of PoC, and have somehow centred it around a punk identity or ethos.
(further description and fliers to come)


15 Feb 2014


Zines, Punk, & Reclamation: A Discussion for People of Color

How are zines an aid in the reclamation of our cultural and expressive practices, histories and identities as people of color, both in and out of punk cultures? What forms do those acts of reclamation take? How do we hold cultural and chosen communities together, or not? How do we navigate the clashes and the connections between them?

This open discussion will be facilitated by Osa Atoe of Shotgun Seamstress zine. Also present will be Nyky Gomez (Brown Recluse Distro), Yumii Okafor (Slash Em Up zine), Mimi Nguyen (Race Riot, Slander zines), Suzy X (Malcriada, Mallgoth Chronicles zines) and Anna Vo (Fix My Head zine).


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4 Responses to “Talking/reading in Chicago, March 2014”

  1. Hi Anna, is the reading at Hull House open to non-POC attendees as well?

  2. cool! make sure to say hi 🙂

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