Hi everyone,

After just coming off Broken ‘Ships tour through Germany and the Netherlands, and xfwpx & xbf tour through Germany,

I’m currently on Race Riot! tour through America, starting in New Orleans, going to Seattle, and then circling back around to Montgomery, Alabama.

Austin, TX was tonight, and we are heading to Alberqueque, NM tomorrow.

The dates and more info are here on the poczineproject website

and here is more info about me.

If you can support the tour in some way, by organising a soli- event or otherwise, please do.

We will be doing a Skype workshop/panel after our Portland show, with Berlin Zine Fest, which is going to be very exciting.

The zines I made especially for this tour are The Swan The Vulture No. 4

Fix My Head No. 4, co-edited with Shotgun Seamstress (!!)

and an info zine for international allies about The Northern Territory Intervention in Australia, after 6 years of occupation by the government.

I also brought along the Koori Mail, and some other reading material for those attending the events.

For more info on this, please go to Stop The Intervention, who have regular meetings in Sydney.

If you’re at one of the dates, come say hi.

Much love,




5 thoughts on “ZINE TOUR”

  1. hey anna, great to meet you in austin last night!

    where is that second picture from? that sign is fantastic!

    xo t-kay

    1. Hey it was good to meet you too! Lets be friends! Ill let you know if i come
      back to Austin 🙂
      That photo is from Queers Cafe in Bielefeld, Germany, taken a couple of weeks ago!

      See you!

  2. Loving this picture. Are you a visual artist, musician? take care, and good luck. : )) Lau from x-pain

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