good use of a Sunday

good use of a Sunday

“Built in the 1960s in East Berlin, the Subharchord was an electronic sound generator ahead of its time, of which only 7 instruments were ever built. Based on the Mixturtrautonium, an instrument developed in the West by Oskar Sala, the Subharchord differs from conventional synthesizers in that it produces subharmonic sounds, or “undertones” of a given note, which, unlike the more familiar “overtones”, do not exist in nature. As nobody but Salas had mastered or played the Mixturtrautonium before his death, it seemed that the sound world of subharmonics was lost… until the Subharchord resurfaced.”
Got to hear super-rad dudes (Gerhard Steinke and Frederic Rzewski) talk about the Labor für musikalisch-akustische Grenzprobleme, and lovingly stroked the epic wooden baffling of the Hörspiel 2 studio. Another year at CTM/Transmediale over. 🙂

1 thought on “good use of a Sunday”

  1. Please tell me you have one of these in your bedroom… 🙂

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