Good.bye Lon.don

Bits of the last 14 months I will miss:

-verbosity and wit, flashy show-off referential comedy
-dryness, sardonism, sarcastic humour unparalleled elsewhere
-self-criticism, analysis, post-colonialism
non-academic, not superpretentious intellect/theory
-mindful anarchism, and discussion
Ratstar, my dream home finally finally
Offmarket, so carefully thought-out
squatting, building, fixing things
-people from the Chapel
free schooling, workshops, sharing
counselling and trying my best to help people the way I know how
-people understanding subtlety, awkwardness, shyness, being an outcast and “not being cool”
-people not staring or overtly noticing difference or reacting to my race, etc, most of the time
-free museums and exhibitions
-chips, baked potatoes, vegan goodies
-Elle, Jess, Lili, Iga, Mikey and Alex CF

Stuff I won’t miss:

-upper-class brattiness, entitlement; unappreciative, privileged people
-politeness, platitudes, and plans which turn out to be empty
-resistance to “other” ways of life, of speaking, of behaving
-(in anarchist circles) racism
-(in anarchist circles) violence, sexism and dismissal
-social climbing, aspiration, constant enquiries regarding status/associations
-people ignoring personality, and prioritising aesthetics
-bus rides between north and south of the river, the longest single journey which took 3.5 hours
-lack of public hangout space
-lack of connection to nature/the sublime
-starting bands that don’t eventuate for whatever reason
-formality, stiffness, box-ticking and conformity
-consumer culture, obsession regarding trends/fashion
-lack of initiative
-missing a local, friendly Vietnamese community
-the only contact being from people who needed me to help them in some way (information, tattooing, english assistance, design stuff, trauma support, accommodation or something related to either social centre)
-the Tube-osphere, carbon monoxide

Pages for LOST IN THE CITY zine

out in Feb 2012. Berlin.

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    Bits of the last 14 months I will miss:


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